Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Quick Urgent Care Services for All Patients

You are already frustrated when your health condition is not fine! At this time it becomes difficult for you to decide where to go and where to not. You think twice to know that is emergency room worthy or urgent care services are better option for you that could attend to your needs.

At the Astra Health Clinic in Dunellen, you will find the finest Urgent Care Services which comprise the treatment of various non-emergency illnesses, including; The Flu, Sports injuries, Colds and sore throats, Sinus and ear infections, Gastroenteritis (stomach flu), Fracture care, Sprains and abrasions, Lacerations (cuts and wounds), Insect bites, Back injuries and Urinary tract Infections.

Urgent Care Dunellen

We also provide adult and pediatric care (ages 2 years and older) which includes:

  •   Walk-In Services   
  •  Sports Physicals 
  •  Yearly Physicals 
  •  Occupational Medicine
  • Travel Medicine 
  •  Immigration Physicals
  •  X-ray On-Site 
  •  Laboratory On-Site
  • Chronic Illness
  •  Ultrasound/Doppler On-Site

We work with flexible hours so that our patients can easily receive care when they need it the most. Our clinic is open 24 hours a day and even the whole week. This will allow you to receive care when you are unable to meet your personal doctor.

Urgent care not only save your crucial time, but they also make assure that you save your money. They provide treatments at affordable prices and treat your medical concerns. If you have any query regarding our services, you can make a call or directly visit our center to determine if you could have benefited from our services.