Friday, 15 June 2018

How to Take Care of Newborn Baby

After the difficult 9 months of pregnancy comes the other more difficult and beautiful at the same time part i.e. the baby, the life of a mother and father changes completely after the arrival of a new baby. Everything you do and everything that you don’t do is done in accordance with how it will affect the baby. And let’s face it handling and raising a baby is not an easy job, sometimes you have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby and sometimes you just don’t sleep at all.
 It could be really very hard to take care of a newborn baby. Search for Urgent care Near Me and you will find the possible urgent care centers with some of the best doctors who can guide you on how to take care of your baby. Meanwhile here are some other ways described below to take care of a newborn, such as:
·       How to hold the baby: You should be aware of the fact that a newborn baby is very delicate and has a very floppy neck, because the muscles of the neck have not developed properly. Especially for the first few months when the neck muscles are in the process of developing, you should take special care of the baby, always hold the baby properly use one hand to rest the baby’s neck and the other to hold the baby in proper position. If the neck is not taken proper care of and moves in an uncontrolled way, then it could cause brain damage to the baby.
·       Proper Breastfeeding: Almost all the health professionals agree that breast milk is the best food that is important for the proper growth of the baby. Not just feeding, but you should know how to properly feed the baby as cuddling and nursing the baby with love and affection helps in building a strong and loving bond between the mother and the baby. Breast milk also improves the baby’s immunity and also proper latching while breast feeding is important otherwise it can cause breast discomfort.
·       Always make you baby burp: You should never forget burping your baby after feeding it, burping is important because while drinking the milk, the baby also takes some air inside which can cause discomfort in digestion and can make the baby feel uneasy and also colic pain sometimes. So it is very important to know the burping techniques for your baby place the baby in an upright position on your shoulder and gently pat its back. And then listen for that slight burp sound, this will release the air from the tummy and make the baby feel better.
·       Bathing: The baby should be given proper sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off, always use lukewarm water and sponge the baby very softly. Don’t try to scrub hard in order to make it clean, remember babies don’t get dirty. If you are not sure about the proper techniques of bathing, then visit urgentcare Belleville and take the proper training from the experts on how to give a proper bath to a baby. It will take the umbilical cord 3 weeks at least to fall off, till then just carry on with the sponge bath practice after that you can start with the normal bathing.
·       Regular diaper change: Dealing with diapers is not that easy, it could get smelly and dirty at times. But it has to be done, the long exposure of baby with the wet and dirty diaper can lead to rashes and other types of infections. The diapers should be avoided when the baby is at home, it is important that the baby’s bum gets some fresh air. Only use diapers when you are outside and then also make sure to change it regularly.