Monday, 12 June 2017

How To Stay Healthy In Summers

 Summers is the season to have fun in the sun. It's the best time to go out for surfing, barbecues, sand, pool parties, outdoor sports activities and many other occasional trips. These plans are an indirect open invitation for you to get easily sick, especially when you are planning somewhere out. During summer seasons even the kid's schools are closed for one or two months, they can even go for vacations or simply can enjoy various outdoor activities like gardening, cycling and much more. If you want to stay healthy during summer season then you need to have something more than just eating the right foods. It is mandatory for you to integrate your regular healthy habits into the summer in the right way. Remember to keep an eye that you should not run out of essential fluids.
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Some of the tips that you should definitely follow in summer to stay healthy include the following:-
 1. Remember to drink enough quantity of water so that your body will not get dehydrated at any point. Don't feel ashamed of carrying bottles of water with you while going out in sun for a longer duration than an hour or so.

 2. It is necessary to take care that apart from the water you should also consume other "good liquids" as well. Mostly, different types of juices are recommended by the experts. Even try to avoid aerated drinks and alcohol containing drinks. Shakes and lassi can make you feel better and cool in summers.

3. Try to take proper rest because it is the best and simple way to keep remain boost up your energy and health.
4. As it was already so hot in summer try to wear little clothing especially when you are inside your home. loose-fitting clothes, lightweight, and light-colored would be a better option for you. Apply a good quality of sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out n the summer.
5. Wear a good pair of sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Cover your eyes properly with then don't treat them as fashion accessories.
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