Monday, 10 October 2016

Wounds, Cuts and Scrapes can be Threatening! here's how to urgent care!

Cuts and scrapes don't become serious if treated on time. Minor cuts and scrapes can be treated at home, but if it looks serious or the bleeding does not stop even after dressing, the matter may be of a serious concern. In such cases, it is feasible to attend a physician, like a BAYONNE Emergency Care Physician, for a checkup and relevant treatment.

If the cut and scrape has happened at home and it seems not a serious one, in such case the following steps are to be followed –

Step 1 – Person who is going to apply medicine and do the dressing should wash his or her hands with soap or hand-wash to get germ free.

Step 2 – Then clean the wound with fresh water and antiseptic lotion. If possible Use tweezers that have been cleaned in isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt that remains in the wound after washing.

Step 3 – After drying the area as much as possible, an antibiotic cream is to be applied on it finely.

Step 4 – Necessary bandage is to be applied, Don't forget to change the bandage periodically for a few days.

If the cut is deeper one and bleeding is continuing even after an hour, then attending an urgent care unit is necessary. Most of the deep cuts require stitching and tetanus injection to stop any further complicate the situation. People often ask, where is the Urgent Care Near Me to treat deep cuts. In fact, everybody should save the phone number and address of the urgent care units near them, so that they can reach at the unit immediately in emergency situations.