Friday, 15 June 2018

How to Take Care of Newborn Baby

After the difficult 9 months of pregnancy comes the other more difficult and beautiful at the same time part i.e. the baby, the life of a mother and father changes completely after the arrival of a new baby. Everything you do and everything that you don’t do is done in accordance with how it will affect the baby. And let’s face it handling and raising a baby is not an easy job, sometimes you have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby and sometimes you just don’t sleep at all.
 It could be really very hard to take care of a newborn baby. Search for Urgent care Near Me and you will find the possible urgent care centers with some of the best doctors who can guide you on how to take care of your baby. Meanwhile here are some other ways described below to take care of a newborn, such as:
·       How to hold the baby: You should be aware of the fact that a newborn baby is very delicate and has a very floppy neck, because the muscles of the neck have not developed properly. Especially for the first few months when the neck muscles are in the process of developing, you should take special care of the baby, always hold the baby properly use one hand to rest the baby’s neck and the other to hold the baby in proper position. If the neck is not taken proper care of and moves in an uncontrolled way, then it could cause brain damage to the baby.
·       Proper Breastfeeding: Almost all the health professionals agree that breast milk is the best food that is important for the proper growth of the baby. Not just feeding, but you should know how to properly feed the baby as cuddling and nursing the baby with love and affection helps in building a strong and loving bond between the mother and the baby. Breast milk also improves the baby’s immunity and also proper latching while breast feeding is important otherwise it can cause breast discomfort.
·       Always make you baby burp: You should never forget burping your baby after feeding it, burping is important because while drinking the milk, the baby also takes some air inside which can cause discomfort in digestion and can make the baby feel uneasy and also colic pain sometimes. So it is very important to know the burping techniques for your baby place the baby in an upright position on your shoulder and gently pat its back. And then listen for that slight burp sound, this will release the air from the tummy and make the baby feel better.
·       Bathing: The baby should be given proper sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off, always use lukewarm water and sponge the baby very softly. Don’t try to scrub hard in order to make it clean, remember babies don’t get dirty. If you are not sure about the proper techniques of bathing, then visit urgentcare Belleville and take the proper training from the experts on how to give a proper bath to a baby. It will take the umbilical cord 3 weeks at least to fall off, till then just carry on with the sponge bath practice after that you can start with the normal bathing.
·       Regular diaper change: Dealing with diapers is not that easy, it could get smelly and dirty at times. But it has to be done, the long exposure of baby with the wet and dirty diaper can lead to rashes and other types of infections. The diapers should be avoided when the baby is at home, it is important that the baby’s bum gets some fresh air. Only use diapers when you are outside and then also make sure to change it regularly. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How to Get the Most Benefit from Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the best method to remove unwanted body hairs without cutting or waxing etc. This method is far less painful and more reliable than other forms of shaving or removing hairs. The result of laser hair removal is not totally permanent, but it reduces the growth of the hairs to a minimum and decreases the need for shaving.
The process is safe for almost all body parts including chest, armpits, legs, arms, even face and other body parts too. This treatment is expensive and the person undergoing this treatment should take some precautions before and after the treatment. Contact Laser Hair Removal near Me for booking a laser treatment appointment.
The process usually requires some follow up treatment. To get the best of laser hair removal you should know about some do’s and don’ts before and after the treatment. Here are some things mentioned below that you should keep in mind before going for the surgery:

1.   Make sure if this treatment is good for you

The laser removes the hair through a process in which the laser targets or removes the melanin (color causing pigment in the hairs), so people with light hair color should avoid it. Although some say that coloring the hairs artificially can also help. 
o   Women with ovary diseases and other hormonal problems should avoid it.
o   If a person is under medication, then they should talk to the doctor before going for the surgery. As undergoing surgery while being in a medication can be harmful and can cause allergic   reactions in the body.

2.   Consultation before the treatment
Consult the hair removal technician before opting for the surgery. The clinic will test and administer your health and will check whether you are fit for the surgery or not and will then check which treatment is better for your skin type etc. Visit Laser Hair Removal Hoboken for better consultation and treatment.

3.   Avoid tanning before the Treatment
After you are given an OK certificate from the technician and are declared fit for the treatment, you should avoid tanning for at least 6 weeks before the surgery. Tanned skin should not undergo laser removal surgery as it could cause the burning and blistering of the skin.

4.   Shave a day before the surgery
The technicians will themselves advice you to shave your hairs which are to be removed before surgery, they mostly advice to shave a day or two before the surgery. This is done because the laser targets the hair better in their growing stage, and shaving helps to achieve that.
5.   Thorough cleaning of the skin before the treatment
Before showing up for your treatment, go for a shower with a gentle skin cleanser. Remove all the dirt, make up, oil and clean your skin like you’ve never cleaned it before. Also, don’t use moisturizer before the treatment.
Laser hair removal is the best method available to remove unwanted hairs, if you want to do it then go for it. But, keep in mind the above mentioned points to make the most off of 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

What Causes Jaundice in Newborn Babies


This is the failure of the body to dispose and excrete derbies of expired red blood cells which contains heme, a yellow substance formed by the breakdown of hemoglobin protein of  RBCs. As a result of which this heme flow in bloodstreams is giving a yellowish color to the skin, nails, and eyes. This is known as Jaundice.

Cause of Jaundice in Infants

You might have come across such incidences when newborn babies are diagnosed with jaundice. The reason behind this is;

1. Malfunctioning of Liver

Heme is metabolized in the liver and break down into bilirubin which then ultimately through bile juice excreted in the fecal matter of the body. But in a situation when the liver is not working correctly, the breakdown of heme is checked, and it remains in blood streams only. Excessive heme in blood streams becomes the reason for jaundice in newly born infants. The child should be taken to urgent care near me under such medical conditions for treatment.

2. Antigen-Antibody Incompatibility between child and Mother

Antigens are proteins which stimulate the formation of antibodies that fight with harmful foreign elements. In the beginning, the body of a newborn child is unable to form these antigens and depends upon mother's antigens. But if the baby is Rh positive and mother is Rh negative, there will arise a situation of autoimmune in which antibodies will destroy own body cells. A massive destruction of body cells thus leads to release more Heme which is not metabolized by the liver at the same rate. This also becomes one of the reasons for Jaundice in infants.

3. Excessive RBCs Breakdown

Sometimes it so happens that due to multiple complications in the body of an infant there occurs a considerable breakdown of red blood cells, causing jaundice. You can take the baby to urgent care Hoboken for immediate medical care to avoid the critical situations later.

4. Genetic Disformalities in Red Blood Cells

Sickle cell anemia diseases is very common disformality of red blood cells, in which the cells are of the sickle shape and comparatively thin which can easily burst. The heme thus released becomes the reason for jaundice.

5. Inflammation of Liver

Inflammation in the liver due to hepatitis is responsible for the irregular working of the liver. As a consequence of which metabolism of heme into bilirubin could not become possible. This adds one another reason for jaundice in newborn babies.

So if you are planning to conceive in the just coming days or expecting a baby soon, you should have a better idea about all these facts.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Urgent Care Center: How to Stay Healthy this Winters

Urgent Care Center: How to Stay Healthy this Winters: Winter comes with a lot of festival with it, and these festivals are associated with sweets, a lot of food and much more. But at the sa...

How to Stay Healthy this Winters

Winter comes with a lot of festival with it, and these festivals are associated with sweets, a lot of food and much more. But at the same time, it also brings a number of diseases like influenza and viral with itself. In order to enjoy the festival part of winters and exclude the other one that is of diseases associated, we should follow the following steps.

1. Fruits which Boost Immune

Fruits are known for our health for ages, even there are so many old adages about them like "an apple in a day keeps the doctor away". Fruits like kiwi are very helpful in boosting the immune system of a person. So if your wants to keep yourself away from diseases this winter ravish some health-boosting fruits daily.

2. Safety from Smog

Smog is one of the major health destroying factor in winters which affects our eyes and respiratory system to a great extent. In order to protect yourself from gets affected by it you can put a mask and glasses. In case you feel difficulty in breathing or any lungs related problem you can visit urgent care Lyons  for doctor's advise.

3. Vaccination against Influenza

It is very crucial to get a vaccination against influenza-like every winter. It will protect you from any attack by the influenza virus. You can visit emergency rooms BELLEVILLE to get yourself vaccinated against influenza.

4. Blood Test

Many viral diseases spread through blood like dengue, malaria and destroy the health to a huge range, even sometimes proved out to be fatal. So it is good to be aware early about these blood infections by having a blood test against these viruses.

5. Personal Hygiene

Taking care of your personal hygiene is first and foremost steps to keep yourself healthy not only in winters but all 365 days of the year. Your personal hygiene should have boundaries beyond your own body. The environment is also a part of your like and if you will keep it clean that will also reduce the chances of diseases.

6.  Layering of Clothes

When it comes to winter clothing to protect yourself from cold, it is always suggested to you instead of putting up two thick warm clothes, use layering. Four to five layering of warm and thin stuff clothes are going to save you more from cold than two to three thick woollen clothes.

7. Healthy Food

Finally, it comes to food which is the most important part of a healthy body. Though you can take the taste of many fried recipes in winters, make sure that they are not in poor health. Also, avoid them on a regular basis. Greasy food should be avoided to maintain healthy diseases free body.

By using above precautions and ideas you can protect your family from getting caught by any diseases this winters. So enjoy the winters but with a little consciousness about health. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Step by Step Guide On Relieving Gas Pain In Chest

Suppose you are going out with your family for dinner and suddenly caught by a dire pain in the chest. This will take away all the happiness of your family within seconds. The pain is so hard that sometimes people misinterpret it as a heart attack. So in order to get a relieve yourself from the chest pain, you can follow these actions.

1. Put Your Ventral Side on Bed

The first thing that you should do while suffering from a gas attack is lie down on the bed by putting your ventral side on a bed. When you will lie on the ventral surface of your body, there would be a suppression of gas present in the thoracic and abdominal region. This position will help you to exhale out a lot of gas and also a big relief from discomforts.

2. Take a Glass of Lukewarm Water

It is not like doctors suggest to drink warm water in the morning to keep your body healthy just for their pleasure. Lukewarm water has many benefits in order to retain a healthy body. Whenever you encounter an episode of gastric in your chest, sip a glass of lukewarm water in order to pass off the gas from your body.

3. Baking Soda

We all come across many ads every other day which are selling their products that provide relief from gas. All of these products contain baking soda, which is known for providing instant relief from any type of gas problem. You can also try the one to get rid of the gas problem in your chest. There is various flavoured form of baking soda are available in the market, so it is not necessary to take the one with no flavour. You can also visit urgent care services Belleville in critical conditions to take doctor's advice.

4. Mint

It is a green herb, and its leaves are known for their excellent capacity of helping digestion and improving metabolism of the digestive system in human body. Sometimes the basic cause of gas is indigestion and poor metabolism of food by the body. Under such circumstances you can chew some leaves of green mint, they will provide you relief from the unbearable pain in your chest. In case pain still persist, you should have a vague idea about when to see walk in medical clinic Hoboken for medical assistance.

5. Ajwain

Like mint leaves, ajwain seeds are also very fruitful in order to have relief from the gastic problem. Taking them with hot water will give you its effect within a very short interval of time.

6. Walk

A sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of encountering regular episodes of gas in the chest or any other region. Exercise and walk are very crucial in order to keep yourself away from the problem of gas. If you are experiencing a terrible pain due to gas, go for a walk it will help you a lot.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Benefits of Low Carb Diet

what are carbohydrates?

Our body has three sources of energy carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. When we require energy to perform our daily task, the energy stored in the form of carbohydrates i.e glucose, fructose, sucrose is used first. Once carbs get exhausted catalysis of protein start. The ultimate source of energy to the body when both carbos and proteins are utilized is lipid or fat.


1. See an Effective Weight Loss


Taking a diet without carbos means, the body will facilitate the catalysis of proteins, this is very obvious that protein is not going to meet all the energy requirement of body and thereby next step would be a breakdown of lipids. When lipid(fats) are being broken down, you will be able to lose your weight by an effective no.

2. Control Blood Sugar Level

A high intake of carbohydrates means a high level of glucose in the blood, as glucose is easily absorbed by the intestinal blood capillaries. Even diabetic patients are prescribed to reduce their carbohydrate intake in the diet as it suddenly raises their blood sugar level which could damage organs like brain and heart. Though in later stages excess of glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen a sudden rise in glucose level is not in favor of diabetic patients. Sometimes it gives rise to a very critical situation, chances are there that you may faint. Rush to the nearest emergency room doctor under such state.

3. Fewer Hunger Attacks


Carbohydrates are easiest to break and therefore gets consumed very fast, leaving you hungry after a very short interval of the meal. But when your diet is rich in protein and lipids they are not breakable that easily and provides energy for a long time. So if you are an athlete or have to work for long hours you should inculcate more fats in your diet in-lieu of carbohydrates.

4. Reduce High Blood Pressure Risk

High level of sugar in the blood facilitate hypertension, anxiety and affect brain cells which raise our blood pressure from normal to a high level. In order to minimize that risk, you can take a balanced diet which also contains healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acid. If you are taking a carbos rich diet and also suffering from the problem of high blood pressure, you should have a check on your diet to modify it with fats. Ignoring it now may create critical problems tomorrow. You can also walk -into urgent care near me in case you want to have a discussion with experts.