Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How to Get the Most Benefit from Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the best method to remove unwanted body hairs without cutting or waxing etc. This method is far less painful and more reliable than other forms of shaving or removing hairs. The result of laser hair removal is not totally permanent, but it reduces the growth of the hairs to a minimum and decreases the need for shaving.
The process is safe for almost all body parts including chest, armpits, legs, arms, even face and other body parts too. This treatment is expensive and the person undergoing this treatment should take some precautions before and after the treatment. Contact Laser Hair Removal near Me for booking a laser treatment appointment.
The process usually requires some follow up treatment. To get the best of laser hair removal you should know about some do’s and don’ts before and after the treatment. Here are some things mentioned below that you should keep in mind before going for the surgery:

1.   Make sure if this treatment is good for you

The laser removes the hair through a process in which the laser targets or removes the melanin (color causing pigment in the hairs), so people with light hair color should avoid it. Although some say that coloring the hairs artificially can also help. 
o   Women with ovary diseases and other hormonal problems should avoid it.
o   If a person is under medication, then they should talk to the doctor before going for the surgery. As undergoing surgery while being in a medication can be harmful and can cause allergic   reactions in the body.

2.   Consultation before the treatment
Consult the hair removal technician before opting for the surgery. The clinic will test and administer your health and will check whether you are fit for the surgery or not and will then check which treatment is better for your skin type etc. Visit Laser Hair Removal Hoboken for better consultation and treatment.

3.   Avoid tanning before the Treatment
After you are given an OK certificate from the technician and are declared fit for the treatment, you should avoid tanning for at least 6 weeks before the surgery. Tanned skin should not undergo laser removal surgery as it could cause the burning and blistering of the skin.

4.   Shave a day before the surgery
The technicians will themselves advice you to shave your hairs which are to be removed before surgery, they mostly advice to shave a day or two before the surgery. This is done because the laser targets the hair better in their growing stage, and shaving helps to achieve that.
5.   Thorough cleaning of the skin before the treatment
Before showing up for your treatment, go for a shower with a gentle skin cleanser. Remove all the dirt, make up, oil and clean your skin like you’ve never cleaned it before. Also, don’t use moisturizer before the treatment.
Laser hair removal is the best method available to remove unwanted hairs, if you want to do it then go for it. But, keep in mind the above mentioned points to make the most off of