Monday, 20 June 2016

Urgent Care Clinic - The Most Common Types of Broken Bones You Should Know!

Simple and a trouble free life is desired by each one of us. But there are times when we are in trouble. Have you ever faced fracture in any part of the body? If yes, then you might know what the pain is! Here we are going to discuss about broken bones. 

What is Bone Fracture? 

A bone fracture can be the result of high force impact or stress, or an outside force exerted upon it, and a minimal trauma injury, this results that it cannot withstand the amount of force and it breaks. Even certain medical conditions that weaken the bones, such as osteoporosis, bone cancer, or osteogenesis imperfect. Even the bones that lack calcium breaks. Fracture, crack and break are similar thing. To acquire better knowledge on fracture and its remedy, then, visit Urgent Care Clinic in Warren, where the best facilities are available.

The Common Types of Broken Bones are:

The range of the fracture may either be minor or severe, which may either results in life threatening and in some cases it takes months or years to recover. Improper treatment of fracture can lead to changes in body’s strength and mobility.

  1. Simple fracture or closed fractures, broken bones remain within the body and do not penetrate the skin.
  2. Compound fracture or open fracture that penetrates through the skin and are exposed to the exterior environment.
  3. Comminuted fracture is severe fracture that involves the breaking of bones into several smaller pieces.
  4. Greenstick fracture: In young children, the bones are not solid and when the force is applied, it tends to bow but doesn’t break completely.
  5. Transverse: the fracture travels across the bone.
  6. Spiral: –the fracture spirals or extends down the length of the bone.
  7. Oblique: the fracture occurs at an angle.

Other fractures are like compression fracture, skull fracture and stress fracture. The best treatment for fracture you would have ever experienced, then, I would like to suggest visiting the Urgent Care Clinic in BELLEVILLE.

I am certain that the above given information about broken bones will be useful for you. If still you are looking for another alternative, then, Astrahealth Center, one of the excellent health care centers with well qualified doctors, educated nurses and with advanced equipment you have ever seen.