Saturday, 20 August 2016

Is Ringworm a Common Fungal Infection or a Skin Disease? Know Causes by Skin Specialist!

Ringworm is a common skin problem that is prone to occur in people of all age groups;however it is a frequent occurrence among children. The key reasons of its occurrence are many, some of which are moist and warm, and climates. This condition is regarded as a highly contagious and is prone to spread from one person to another if comes in contact infected skin areas. So, the first thing that dentists at Urgent CareClinic South Plainfield suggest is to avoid sharing of towels, combs, or items of personal care. 

Further, there is a high possibility of a person becoming infected with ringworm in case he/she comes into contact with pool surfaces or use the common locker rooms. Microsporum canis, another type of fungus, is also prone to affect the pets such as dogs and cats, which then gets transmitted to humans. It is a common infection which is caused by fungus, Trichophyton rubrum that keeps the ringworm live and gradually spreads it on the outer skin layer. This condition demands immediate attention of medical staff appointed at any of the UrgentCare Clinic Franklin Township.

As per the medical experts, some people are prone to catch this infection more easily in case the skin infections and allergies run in their families.Most of these ringworm infections result in a rash in a round patch which has the nature of cracking, scaling, peeling, itching, and redness which is spotted mostly on the arms, legs, chest, stomach, or back.