Monday, 23 October 2017

Benefits of Low Carb Diet

what are carbohydrates?

Our body has three sources of energy carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. When we require energy to perform our daily task, the energy stored in the form of carbohydrates i.e glucose, fructose, sucrose is used first. Once carbs get exhausted catalysis of protein start. The ultimate source of energy to the body when both carbos and proteins are utilized is lipid or fat.


1. See an Effective Weight Loss


Taking a diet without carbos means, the body will facilitate the catalysis of proteins, this is very obvious that protein is not going to meet all the energy requirement of body and thereby next step would be a breakdown of lipids. When lipid(fats) are being broken down, you will be able to lose your weight by an effective no.

2. Control Blood Sugar Level

A high intake of carbohydrates means a high level of glucose in the blood, as glucose is easily absorbed by the intestinal blood capillaries. Even diabetic patients are prescribed to reduce their carbohydrate intake in the diet as it suddenly raises their blood sugar level which could damage organs like brain and heart. Though in later stages excess of glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen a sudden rise in glucose level is not in favor of diabetic patients. Sometimes it gives rise to a very critical situation, chances are there that you may faint. Rush to the nearest emergency room doctor under such state.

3. Fewer Hunger Attacks


Carbohydrates are easiest to break and therefore gets consumed very fast, leaving you hungry after a very short interval of the meal. But when your diet is rich in protein and lipids they are not breakable that easily and provides energy for a long time. So if you are an athlete or have to work for long hours you should inculcate more fats in your diet in-lieu of carbohydrates.

4. Reduce High Blood Pressure Risk

High level of sugar in the blood facilitate hypertension, anxiety and affect brain cells which raise our blood pressure from normal to a high level. In order to minimize that risk, you can take a balanced diet which also contains healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acid. If you are taking a carbos rich diet and also suffering from the problem of high blood pressure, you should have a check on your diet to modify it with fats. Ignoring it now may create critical problems tomorrow. You can also walk -into urgent care near me in case you want to have a discussion with experts.

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