Monday, 15 December 2014

DOT Physical Exam Required By Commercial Vehicle Driver

The number of cars, buses and trucks operating on roads has increased and so has the probability of road accidents. So, Department of transportation has taken a step toward the prevention of road accidents.  Keeping the vehicle in a tip-top condition prior to hitting the road just won’t fulfill the aim, so it is necessary that drivers too are medically fit and sound. They have started with an examination called DOT physical in Newark for people who want to obtain a commercial driver’s license. These include drivers that operate commercial vehicle with a combination weight of 10,000 pounds and more, for drivers operating commercial vehicle for the transportation of hazardous material and for drivers operating vehicle for the transportation of sixteen or more passengers.
Astra Health center now provides the facility of Dot Physical in Belleville for people willing to acquire commercial driver’s license. You need to bring the print out of the standardized for used by the Department of Transportation to be filled by our physicians during the examination. You need to fist discuss the medical history with the physician that includes questionnaire of issues like past injuries and diseases, hearing or vision problems, psychological disorders and other undiagnosed symptoms like back pain, dizziness, etc.
Once you are able to qualify the exam, then this DOT physical examination certificate will last for 2 years before it must be renewed.

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