Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Should I Take Flu Shot?

Most people have suffered from flu and are instilled with the awful memories of nonstop coughing, headaches, fevers. So no question arises that why someone would want to totally avoid the flu. Every year 35-40 million peoples are getting infected by influenza virus. This has been found as one of the most dreaded illness, but still people are avoiding to get flu shot. Let us first review what a flu shot is:
•    Flu shot utilizes a dead form of the influenza strains. It is the most common type of vaccination to avoid influenza virus.  The flu shot is only one protection against the flu.
•    It is essential to note that every year, there are limited amount of vaccinations are available in the market because every year the flu virus strains alter.
•    The people who are allergic to eggs need to consult their doctor first. Because the flu shot contains a virus grown in hens' eggs.
In Hoboken, the Center Of Health Department recommends their people to receive a Flu Shot every year. Over the age of 50 or heart issues patient are not allowed to take the flu shot.

Astra Health center offers allergic free Flu Shot In Jersey City. In the past few years, we have seen many patients get infected themselves through this dangerous virus therefore our health center provides latest flu shot at affordable prices.

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