Thursday, 27 August 2015

Necessity of DOT Drug Test for Commercial Drivers

The eventual of medical marijuana and its utilization, it still dubious, However, we can be sure, much the same as alcohol, representatives are more secure and are muddled in less accidents, when they are free of both substances, while at work.

Is Dot Drug Test  Necessary for Commercial Drivers??

Yes, because it is for employees in safety-sensitive jobs such as truck drivers, pilots, and boat captains. Dot Drug Test Union City that this test is conducted prior to beginning work, and thereafter on a random basis. 

DOT Drug Test

In today’s generation, near about 74% of private sector businesses are requiring drug testing and background checks. This number gets increased by every month. A stable policy with background checks allow employers an additional tool to hire the leading employees, lower their turnover and reduce the chance of workman's allowance claims.

Know the reasons for drug screening!

1. Pre-Employment
2. Random
3. Post Accident
4. Reasonable cynicism
5. Return to duty
6. Follow-up

“Catch someone” is not a purpose of testing, but to encourage a drug free enterprise, safety, and Dot Drug Test Newark .

Possibly there are two types of testing done. The most popular one is:

Instant Test, i.e, completed with a urine sample.

Maximum  companies use the 5 panel instant drug test, which include:

1. Marijuana
2. Cocaine
3. Amphetamines
4. Phencyclidine
5. Opiates, (Codeine, Heroin, morphine)

This test result usually in less than 5 minutes. If there is any further need of testing, then you may need up to 72 hours for completion of lab work.

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