Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Fight Against Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a common illness for millions of people all around the USA. Though most of the food poisoning cases are not complicated at all, some of these cases may be worrying and life threatening too. In an urgent care clinic Morristown, hundreds of food poisoning cases are reported every month.
Depending on the symptoms, different treatment procedures are adopted for food poisoning.

Causes of food poisoning

Food can be contaminated at any time during its production, processing, cooking and preserving the cooked food. Some causes when a food can become contaminated are as follows -

  •  Not preserving the food thoroughly. As some foods like fish, meat and milk products required  a certain minimum temperature to preserve, below which the products may be contaminated.
  • When the cooked food is kept open for a long time, it may be contaminated.
  • Food may be contaminated by someone who has been staying with a person having with diarrhea and the former person has touched a food without washing hands or changing clothes.
  • Cross-contamination is possible when the same utensils are used for different cooking without washing the utensils properly.

Types of food contaminators

There are almost 250 different types of bacteria, virus and parasites are known which cause food poisoning. Bacteria like campylobacter, salmonella, e.coli, listeria, shigella often cause food poisoning. Parasites like giardia, amoeba, and cryptosporidium or viruses like norovirus often cause food poisons, though these types of food poisons are rare in the USA.

Availing treatment in an urgent care unit

People often ask, which is the urgent care near me that treat food poisoning? Saving the phone number and addresses of the most popular nearest urgent care units will enable anybody to get treatment against food poisoning at the earliest possible time. Doctors expert in this field provides the best possible solution and advice for curing the disease within a few days. 

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