Wednesday, 18 January 2017

First Aid Treatment for Asthma Attacks..

If we talk about Asthma attack then anyone can say it's a terrifying experience. The feeling of asthma attack is similar as if someone is sitting on your chest or there is a cluster of clouds in your chest. During asthma attack it's hard to take full deep breath because of tightens chest and even breathing becomes quick.

The term asthma is common for long term Inflammatory disease or you can say obstruction of the bronchial tubes in the passage of air that allow entering and leave the lungs. While experiencing asthma attack, the muscles that surround the bronchial tubes that tightens, lessen the air passages and making it extremely difficult to breathe.

The characteristic of asthma are variable and recurring symptoms, along with the reversible airflow obstructions and bronchospasm. Other common symptoms of asthma are coughing, wheezing, chest tightness issue, a rattling sound in the chest and shortness of breath. This can occur a few times during a day or few times per week and even get worse at nights or while doing exercise.

The major Symptoms of an asthma attack are:-
• The symptoms are getting worse because of cough, wheezing, breathlessness, or tight chest issue.
• The reliever inhaler that's not even helpful.
• When you are unable to speak because of breathlessness, sleep or eat.
• Fast breathing issues
• The peak flow of your body is lesser than normal.
• Usually children experiences stomach ache.
• The Other Warning Signs bare:-
• Other early warning signs of an asthma attack are:
• Itching in the neck.
• Formation of Dark spots under your eyes
• Fatigue
• Easily having short-tempered or irritation.
• Experience the Feeling of nervousness or edgy.

Danger Signs
If you have any above mention symptoms then you need a serious medical emergency and you can even concern at Urgent Care Clinic BELLEVILLE. These are signs of a serious medical emergency.

• Experiencing problems while walking or talking.
• You are hunching over.
• When Your lips or fingernails are becoming blue or gray

The possible treatments of asthma attack includes the followings:-

• Keep following your regular action plan of asthma and take all your prescribed medicines.
• Try to have a regular asthma reviews and it's necessary to get it done at least once in a year.
• Concern your GP and asthma nurse that your are taking inhaler correctly.
• Avoid all that symptoms that are increasing the chance of asthma attack.
• Avoid smoking.
• Try to keep your body healthy and fit and if you need to after checking with your GP or asthma nurse that your
• Weight loss plan is suitable for you
• Take proper flu vaccinations.

If your health is getting worse day by day and the need of using inhaler is getting regular as compared to earlier than you can even concern at Urgent Care Services Middlesex. We even have a high skilled team of doctors who have done their specializations in lung related issues.

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  1. Followed your advice of possible treatments for asthma along with treating the breathing problem with omron nebulizers and it worked well for me. Thanks again for sharing the useful information.